Gigantic and Scary Monster Tasmanian Crab

Morbid fear of crabs is called kabourophobia. If you have this disorder, probably it is too late to stop those panic attacks anyway, as here is a crab that is probably the world’s largest.

The Monster Tasmanian Crab has a rather flaccid name ‘Claude’ and was found off the shores of the eponymous island below Australia. The crab was on his way to an industrial-size steamer but was saved by a British aquarium, which purchased him for $4,800.

With a shell that measures 15-inches across, he is expected to grow another 3 inches until he weighs 30 pounds. He must be enough to serve an entire posse that has gone hungry for several days. At the aquarium, Claude is being fed gourmet diced mackerel and squid.

Those of you who are afraid of crabs may want to stay away from aquariums and beaches. However, if you are scared of getting the crabs, you might probably not want to get too naughty and stray around.

If you have a sweet tooth, you could go ahead and gulp down a slice of Crabby Cake which we had featured sometime ago. The Crab Computers were announced by a Japanese team and they will rely on living organisms like these crustaceans.