Geeks vs Nerds: Which Are You? [Infographic]

We often have the debate here at Walyou on the true definition of a geek, mostly because Walyou is a geek culture site (with a bit of focus on cool gadgets, awesome startups, sweet technology and more). However, we’ve never truly nailed down what a geek is … but it is often confused with nerd.

While we still go on about how to define a geek in today’s society and just how many/what types of geeks there are in the world, Business Insider has made a pretty awesome infographic comparing the true nerd to the geek. Before checking out the visualization below, which do you think you are? Without further adieu, here’s the humor infused differences between geeks and nerds.


After checking out the infographic, which do you think you are now? Let us know which and why in the comment section below.

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5 thoughts on “Geeks vs Nerds: Which Are You? [Infographic]

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  2. JF.

    I’m in both.

    I have collectible action figures galore, replicas of random movie props. I have enjoyed lots of Star Trek in the past and love Star Wars. I drink energy drinks from the gas station and I wear superhero and/or video game themed shirts with jeans most of the time

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  4. Sharyn.

    I’d say I’m a bit from column A, a bit from column B. If owning a toy dalek & loving Dr Who is nerdy, then call me nerdy. On the other hand – I’ve never watched an entire episode of Star Trek and I love Star Wars, coffee & really cool stuff.

    I have to say that your nerdy representative looks a bit gross though. IMO nerds & geeks shouldn’t get all competitive (apart from the inevitable Trek vs Wars “discussions”). We should be all about acceptance of any type of oddball as long as they’re interesting.


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