11 Nerdy Pajamas to Geek Out Your Sleepwear

Although we usually spend our nights binge watching sci-fi series or playing on our console/PC, we still have to go to bed from time to time because coffee can only do so much. We love to dress up too, but our choice of clothes might not be considered typical and the thing that makes us geeks is that we don’t shy away from showing everyone the things we love.

We love cosplay and these choices give us a way to do it ourselves even when we are in our bed. Even better, since the holidays are getting close these will make perfect gifts for your geeky friends or loved ones. These pajamas are certain to make your dreams more heroic and all of them use materials of the highest quality.

Doctor Who Pajama Pants

dr who pajamas for geeks

These are really comfortable and are the perfect outfit to watch Doctor Who in since they are officially licensed apparel. They come in four versions: the All-Over TARDIS, the Scarf print which has the pattern of the 4th Doctor stripes, the TARDIS with a blue overall tone and the Weeping Angels which have a darker tone with grey angels. They have two side pockets and the waistband is elastic with drawstrings to ensure you are comfortable. The material is jersey knit cotton and you can purchase them for $19.99

Star Trek TNG Pajama Set

Star Trek TNG geeky Pajama

The Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform is probably the most easily recognizable of the choices and if you remember from the series each color represents the title the person has on the ship. The red one is for command posts, the blue is for the science specialization and the gold is for operations. Each of them is a two-piece with Rank Pips embroidered and the obligatory Communicator Badge. They are made of cotton and available for $39.99

Star Trek Original Series Ladies’ Sleep Shirt

Star Trek OS Ladies' Sleep Shirt pajamas

Similar to the TOS female uniforms, these pajamas are really comfortable and made of cotton. They have rounded neck and the insignia is imprinted on the chest. As with the previous version they come in 3 colors, but this time they are a bit different in significance, since Kirk wore gold, Spock wore blue and Scotty was dressed in red. Available for $29.99

Star Wars Women’s Pajama Set

Star Wars Women’s Pajama Set

This Star Wars pajama set is really comfortable and comes with a beautifully decorated Darth Vader head on the shirt to keep you looking amazing even when it’s time for sleep. The color is really pleasant and relaxes you and the fabric is of a high quality. Made from cotton, you can get one and travel in a galaxy far away when dozing off. Available for $19.99

Women’s Batman Cozy Fleece PJ Set

Women's Batman Cozy Fleece PJ Set

Although it looks similar to the previous item, this one is made of polyester and comes with a lovely pink Batgirl sign on the chest. If you want to pick look you can never go wrong with Batman since he is one of the most beloved characters ever made. Geek by day, super hero by night, this is the perfect pajamas for someone who loves comic books. Available for $24

Ninja Turtles Lounge Pants

Ninja Turtles Lounge Pants

These pants are really comfortable and are made of cotton and are really comfortable, so you can relax all day in them while watching your favorite shows. There are images of Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and Leonardo on the left leg, while the right one has a print of the series logo with an overall green tone that fits the theme. You can purchase your pair for $19.95.

Game of Thrones Adult Onesie

Game of Thrones Adult Onesie  pajamas

These pajamas are handmade and each of them comes with a house sigil embroidered on the left chest and its name down the left leg. Since they made them when you order you can have various other things written on the leg (Khaleesi is the most popular option if you were wondering). They have side pockets and are made of polyester. The great thing about them is that they are really soft and warm so they’ll keep you cozy even during the winter that is coming. You can buy yours from this link.

Batman Ombre French Terry Jogger

Batmen women pants pajama

They are made of a moisture absorbent fabric which combines cotton and French terry polyester and you can get them here. The yellow and black combination is the typical color choice for Batman and it also represents the universal warning sign. There are two pockets on the sides, elastic waist with a drawstring to make sure they are comfortable and the cuffs on the legs will keep them tight and warm. The merchandise is officially licensed by DC Comics and thus you are certain to get the best quality possible. Available for $29.99

Doctor Who Adult TARDIS Pajamas

Doctor Who- Tardis Pajamas

The best look for a time traveler is this classic TARDIS design which comes with removable feet, thumb holes and really soft and comfortable fabric. The quality is great and they are officially licensed, so you can get your from this link. Make sure you check the size though because they are made a bit bigger than the usual numbers, so check twice. Available starting $35.45

Batman Grey Union Suit Pajamas

Batman Grey Union Suit Pajamas

You’ll be ready to fight crime and super villains with this officially licensed Batman pajama that comes with its own cape and cowl. This could easily be a Batgirl costume since it is unisex and the material is really soft polyester so you will be completely comfortable in the suit. To make it even better it is really cheap and has deep pockets to keep your snacks, phone or iPod handy while relaxing at home. Available starting $41.99

Wonder Woman Superhero Pajamas

Wonder Woman Superhero Pajamas

This two piece Wonder Woman costume wants to capture the essence of the super hero while still keeping you warm at night with a red sort sleeved top that features the logo of the character and blue bottoms with white stars. They are made out of cotton and have a drawstring closure so they are cute and functional at the same time. Even if it is officially licensed, make sure you check the size twice though because they run quite small. Available for $39.99

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