The New Tron Lightcycle Electric Motorcycle Mod

Tron is full of iconic imagery, but there are few things quite as cool as the lightcycles. They looked especially awesome in the more recent film, Tron: Legacy, and this electric build captures the style perfectly.

Parker Brothers Custom Choppers is responsible for this work of art, having also completed a version of Batman’s Batpod and various trikes. The Tron lightcycle is their most flashiest, however, because as you might expect, it has all the awesome lighting effects you’d expect. It’s not just for show, either; this bike is all-electric and can hit over 100mph. The batteries charge in under 35 minutes and last for 100 miles. It may not be the best choice for a cross-country trip, but why would you want to do that anyway when you can cruise around your hometown and make everybody’s jaws drop?

Tron Electric Lightcycle Mod

According to Technabob, this sweet cycle isn’t street legal, but Parker Brothers is doing what alterations they can to make it so. The video below shows the bike in action, and it looks nothing short of incredible. As it slowly cruises through a parking lot, the lights are shown off in all their glory. Glowing a neon aqua-blue, this Tron bike practically commands you to stare at it. It also helps you realize just how cool the bike looks outside of the Tron setting, able to stand on its own as a unique and flashy vehicle with its wide wheels and the slick stripe of lighting which curves up the main body. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect this beast to handle like it does in the movie; attempting to do an instant 90-degree turn will only end in a broken bike and quite likely a broken body. Or a “derezzing” if you want to be topical. Of course, if you do ever manage to get something like this for yourself, you’ll definitely want an Tron Motorcycle Suit to go with it. We’ve covered other motorcycle mods too, so check out this Jet Engine Trike or a whole List of Motorcycle Mods.