Super Fan Creates Predator LEGO Mod

There is no age bracket defined for a set of Lego pieces. Time and again it has been proved that this age old toy has fascinated all ages of people. It is not necessary that there should be an instruction booklet to enjoy a set of Lego blocks. All that is needed is an excellent imagination, perseverance and hard work. Put all these together in a box of Lego blocks and you get some of the most exceptional pieces of creation. One such creation is the Predator created by Shawn Synder.

Numerous Lego fans around the globe share their creations with the web community. However, something as awesome as the Predator has hardly been seen in this segment for a long time. It is difficult to imagine how Shawn came up with such an intricate and detailed design for his figure.

If you have seen the movie Predator you would be well aware of what the character looks like. The creators of the character imagined it and gave it a face in a movie. The task of replicating it in the form of Lego blocks with such close resemblance is an outstanding piece of work.The first time you set eyes on this Predator you are left with a feeling of awe and inspiration. Every little detail has been carefully planned and executed. The eyebrows, eyes, long tresses, armor, teeth, weapon and above all the expression on the face leave no doubt as to the identity of the creature. Shawn has also taken care to include vertebrae of a prey on the Predator’s shoulder along with a set of jaws. As the character was fond of collecting skulls Shawn has created a set of skulls that are placed at the bottom.

This piece of creation has innumerable pieces of Lego blocks which are again of a variety of types. The meticulous work depicted in this work speaks volumes of the creator. It reflects his unmatched imaginative skills and patience and proves that when one is determined to achieve something the sky can be the limit. Not only did Shawn imagine the final product but put in every bit of effort of execute it and change his imagination into reality. The colors of the blocks are very carefully picked to depict the exact mood and feelings of the character.

Shawn is a well known name in the Lego world of creation. His uploads on the MOCpages are proof of his excellence which leaves his fans eagerly waiting for his next creation.

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