Durango Code-Name For Next Xbox Console

Could this funny title be the actual code-name for Microsofts’ next gaming console?

Xbox 720 Not In 2012 Image

We’ve heard many a rumor regarding Microsoft’s next Xbox 360 successor – not playing used video games, having a touch-screen tablet controller ala Nintendo’s WiiU, etc. – but this one might take the whole enchilada. Recently new scuttlebutt has been brewing that currently the next Xbox is currently in development, though here’s the real kicker, it’s going under the code-name of “Durango.”

“Durango,” huh? Sounds more like a gritty western flick staring Clint Eastwood than game console (which I would so Netflix in a heartbeat.) For those placing bets on either the Xbox 720 or Loop, worry not, multiple sources close to this story report that this is just a code-name, and nowhere representative of the console’s final name.

Turning our history books to page 346, you’ll see that the recent landscape of gaming systems have had a wide field of exotic code-names; the Sega Dreamcast was called the Katana; the Nintendo GameCube was dubbed the Dolphin, and most famously, the Nintendo Wii was formally known as the Revolution, a name that I wish it still had because it’s flippin’ awesome.

Next Xbox Mock Console Image

Back to the present though – there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the next Xbox that’s a lot more interesting than a silly code-name. How powerful is this new console? Will it have a beast of a graphics processor that would make James Cameron’s Avatar look like a child’s play performed by two dirty old socks painted blue?

Here’s another question to chew on: when is it coming out? Some rumors say towards the end of 2012 to compete side-by-side with the release of Nintendo’s WiiU.  Hmm, would Microsoft even have the incentive to do this? They’re still earning big bucks when it comes to the Xbox 360, and personally, have no great need to rush out a new console. And we all remember the last time that happened – I’m sure no one would like Red Ring of Death Part 2: Electric Boogaloo.

E3 is only few months away, and that should be when we’ll get at least some of the answers to these above queries. Till then, hang around here and gander at the 9 comic books we wished existed (Alien vs Predator vs Ted Nugent please!) and what’s on tap for Apple’s March 7 event in San Francisco – obviously the iPad 3.