Shadow Illusion Art Installation

Shadows can be spooky, but one artist has made neat installation giving the appearance of cast shadows.

Artist Mary Temple has created a series of light installations that are called, oddly enough, “Light Installations.” It’s actually a clever optical illusion. Temple has painted the walls to look like they’re shadows being cast on the wall by the light.

Shadow painting

The example here shows a wooded scene. She’s been doing these kinds of installations for 10 years, challenging audiences to “celebrate doubt.” That’s artists for you.

Temple’s latest installation is called “Northwest Corner, Southwest Light,” installed at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Temple took photos of surrounding trees to use as a reference, then projected the photos onto the wall, where the shadows were painted in. For more weird art projects, check out a series of couples in plastic bags and a portrait of Alfred Hitchcock as a zombie.

Source: My Modern Met