Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 DJ Controller Comes with iOS Support

The previous generation of entry-level Pioneer DJ mixers might have been great, but they lacked iOS support. DDJ-WeGO2 solves this problem, while still helping DJs found at the beginning of the road to save some dollars.

Pioneer did not want the software connection to be the only link between its new DJ console and Apple’s operating system. A grip found alongside the back of the console also acts as a stand for the iPhone or the iPad. Once placed there, the iOS device connects to the console via a Lightning cable that is provided by the manufacturer. Since this is the only connection available, it’s easy to assume that the DJ controller only works in tandem with the latest generations of iOS smartphones and tablets.

David Arevalo, director of marketing, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics, stated: “For everyone who has daydreamed about being a DJ, the new DDJ-WeGO2 offers a cost effective solution to make their dreams a reality until they get more experience and ready to invest in more professional Pioneer DJ equipment.”

DDJ-WeGO2 is supposed to be an ultra-compact DJ controller, so it does not come with anything besides the two jog-wheels, a few effects and a small mixing console. What it lacks in hardware, it compensates with software. Virtual DJ LE is a piece of software that enables DJs to connect this controller to PC and Mac computers, where they can take their projects even further.

Obviously, there has to be an app that acts as the interface between the DJ controller and the iOS device, and this comes in the form of djay 22. After installing this app on an iPhone or an iPad, the console will gain access and will be able to playback any and all the music found on the device.

Pictured above is the white variety of the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2 DJ console, but the manufacturer will also provide it in red and black. After all, not all the DJs have the same taste, as far as colors are concerned.

This DJ controller is not yet available, but Pioneer plans to launch it in October, and the price is said to be $429. In comparison to other DJ equipment, this is actually a bargain, so DJs should get their hands on it as soon as they can.

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