Simply Scrumptious Pixelated Legend of Zelda Cookies

If you are a geek with a penchant for baking delicious foods, then you must try making these pixelated Link cookies. There is no way you can eat only one of these 8-bit Legend of Zelda cookies.

Those who have tried (and failed) know how difficult it can be to create the perfect pixilated cookie. For those who have tried, it takes a lot of time, a lot of calculations, and a whole lot of food coloring and strips of cookie dough. To make a pixilated cookie you need to fit the cookie dough “logs” into a long rectangle that shows a fun picture. One avid geek-slash-baker has made the ultimate in pixilated Link cookies from Legend of Zelda.

These shortbread cookies are made from numerous squared strings using one of those Playdoh Fun Factory contraptions. After assembly into a big log, it is cut sushi-style into single cookies. The creator noted that altogether it took around 12+ hours to assemble the cookies, not including time for chilling the cookie dough or baking. The cookies are about three inches by 3.5 inches.






These are really the perfect food to serve at an old school Nintendo game party…or just because you love everything about Legends of Zelda and cookies!

You can purchase these cookies from The Cookie Crave’s Esty webpage in a number of flavors. YUM!

Thanks to Nerdgasmo for breaking this story to us!

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