Pizza Hut Launching Xbox 360 App

The minds over at Microsoft are delivering a new way to order pizza without picking up a phone. Yes, the future has arrived!

Pizza Hut app Xbox 360 image 1

Monday’s news of Microsoft and Pizza Hut partnering up for a Xbox Live app that would let users order pizza from their couches pretty much got the responses I though it would. One part “that’s neat,” and one part, well using the parlance of our times, “lol.”

Welp, might as well make all of our “gamers sure are lazy” jokes while we can, because on Tuesday, April 23 Microsoft will launch the app that gives 360 owners access to the pizza giant’s full menu using Kinect controls and voice commands.

Just customize the kind of pie you want (I’m a pepperoni and green peppers kind of duder) and then place your order – that’s all there’s really to it. You can even link up your Xbox Live and accounts to streamline your ordering process whenever “pizza time” rolls around again.

Pizza Hut app Xbox 360 image 2

And right now for a limited time (before May 6), placing an order with the Xbox 360 Pizza Hut app will net you 15 percent off your first purchase. Sounds like a gnarly deal, but remember with great pizza power comes great pizza responsibility.

You know, like going all veggies on your pizza, switching to thin-crust over hand-tossed, or ordering a salad every now and then; this is just the advise of a health-conscience nerd wishing nothing but good health to every gamer out there. FOR YOUR HEALTH!

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