Portable PS4 laptop mod: this is your destiny

Sony claimed that the PS Vita would make home console experiences enjoyable on the go, but it was actually a modder who really made it happen.


From the creator of the Xbook One, the portable Xbox One mod comes the Sony counterpart. This is a PlayStation 4 shrunk to laptop size, and is called the PlayBook 4. Taking inspiration from both the retail PS4 and Destiny PS4 bundle, the PS4 comes in two colors, black and white, with a matching controller.



Just like with the Xbook One, users can get in touch with the mod creator and get their own PlayBook 4 made for $1,095 USD if they send the console, or $1,395 if they would rather Ed bought it himself instead. Too bad the Wii U is already pretty portable thanks to its second screen, and we won’t see the Nintendo equivalent of this, right?

Via Technabob

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