Sony to compensate users over PS Vita’s ad claims

Although the PlayStation division at Sony is having a great year thanks to the PS4 and PS3, the PS Vita has brought some new woes in the form of a court case.

ps vita ad

Sony has finally settled their Federal Trade Commission complaint that accused them of false advertising for their portable console, the PS Vita. The complaint came to be as Sony had been announcing the Vita’s cross-platform features would work across all PS3 games, and only does with a select few instead (Shadow of the Colossus and Ico amongst them, luckily). Now, Sony seeks to compensate userts who bought their PS Vita in the US before June 1, 2012, who will be offered either a $25 cash refund or a $50 voucher for select Sony products and services. We hope PSN credit counts there, as 50 bucks is basically a year of PS Plus, AKA, 60 games across PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

The main issue the FTC pointed out about the PS Vita ads was the inclusion of Killzone 3 as one of these cross-platform titles, something that was blatantly untrue. Another issue they remarked involved the claim that players would be able to play online via 3G, although 3G is in no way fast enough for it.

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