RC Dragon Breathes Fire And Flies

We know your living room is full of treasure like that expensive TV or your video game console. How about you put an actual dragon to keep ’em safe?


This is, as the title explains, an remote controlled dragon created by Rick Hamel. The twist is, this is more than just another sculpture of the mythical beast, or even a cute moving android. This bad boy here actually can fly and breathe fire. Now would be the perfect time to challenge Daenerys Targaryen to battle!

Check out this bad boy in action in the two videos below.

Hamel built the dragon himself, and powered it with a Jetcat P80 Kerostart turbine. It measures about 7 feet long, with a wing span of 9 feet. The fire, on the other hand, comes courtesy of liquid propane and a stun gun circuit, so we can consider this bad boy armed and dangerous. This dragon has appeared on some public events, the most recent being the Weak Signal event in Toledo, where it won Best of Show a few weeks ago. No wonder, right? Be sure to not piss Hamel off.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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