Sega Dreamcast Wristwatch Imported By NCSX

It’s not “thinking” like the commercials say, but this Dreamcast wristwatch is totally boss looking.

Dreamcast wristwatch image 1

Popularity for the Dreamcast never seems to wane even 11 years after the console met its untimely demise, and with a wealth of memorable games both unique and innovative – Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, and Chu Chu Rocket to list a few – there’s good reason for that. There’s also good reason to have a Dreamcast wristwatch, especially one so classy.

The Dreamcast wristwatch is made from stainless steel and is a perfect miniature replica of the console. Where’s the watch face, though? Ah, it’s underneath the console’s lid and pops up like you’re going to insert an even tinier Dreamcast game disc by pressing the “eject” button on the lower left side of the watch. Again, quite classy.

Dreamcast wristwatch image 2

Also of note, the watch is waterproof, but for the price of $168.90 USD I hardly doubt you’d want to risk losing your pristine homage to one of the best videogame consoles ever made to the murky depths of the sea. Being a limited collectable that’s been sold out for the longest time and is only now getting a small reissue by Sega, it’s probably best not to treat this bad boy like a cheapo brand watch – no sir.

Head over to Japanese gaming import shop NCSX to learn how to pre-order your own Dreamcast wristwatch. Unfortunately, orders aren’t being shipped until June, so don’t expect a speedy delivery any time soon. Good thing you can past the time by reading what awesomeness we’ve got in store daily here on Walyou; OLED bath showers, PlayStation 4 news, and much more!