Shark Gadgets and Inspired Products

It’s that time of the year again, shark week 2012 is upon us.  Shark week, in case you are not too familiar with its background, was first started on July 17, 1987.

It’s basically a week in which the Discovery channel dedicates all of its shows to sharks, so all of us will get to know this oh so terrifying creature a bit better, just in case one swims next to you…

Since here on Walyou we don’t usually cover so much shark related articles, (we’re are not an animals/nature site, after all!) we thought it  would be fun to celebrate shark week with these awesome shark gadgets and inspired products. I promise you that these gadgets will not bite!

 1. Shark Fin Ice Tray


2. Pizza Shark Pizza Cutter



3. Shark Attack Sleeping Bag




4. The Shark Teabag


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