17 Dalek Gadgets and Designs

Everybody knows Doctor Who, but few know that it is officially the longest-running science fiction television show in the world and statistically the “most successful” science fiction series of all time. The success of the show makes the Daleks the most popular extraterrestrial race, and these genetically manipulated mutants have gathered around themselves a large number of fans and inspired a large number of products. Check out these 17 killer Dalek gadgets, artworks and designs below. Exterminate!

Talking Dalek Alarm Clock


If you always have trouble waking up on time, this Talking Dalek alarm clock will be a great motivation for you to jump out of the bed. Once the strikes the time you’ve set, it shouts “You would make a good Dalek”, “Exterminate,” or “You are an enemy of the Daleks, you must be destroyed”. Wake up or you are exterminated!

Remote Control Dalek


Given the destroying power of Daleks, the only reason anybody can convince me to bring this manipulated mutants home is that I can control them, remotely. Those remote control Daleks are about 12 inches tall, and come in four colors: black, bronze, silver and red.

Dalek Money Bank


Despite the blue color, this Dalek money bank still replicates the design of the villains from the Doctor Who series perfectly to every single detail. It is said to be capable of exterminating all your debts.

Dalek Flashlight Keychain


Today’s keychains serve a lot more purposes than just to hold the keys. The Dalek keychain can also work as a flashlight to exterminate the dark and a carrier to take your favorite serial killer everywhere with you.

Dalek iPhone Case


There is no end to iPhone case designs, but to make your Apple one killer gadget, you need this Exterminate case. It features 3 Daleks in 3 different colors with their catchphrase on top.

Dalek Electronic Voice Changer Mask


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Kids of the science fiction era are easy to please. Anything with flashing light and impressive sound effect, like this Dalek electronic mask, will make a great Christmas or New Year gifts for kids nowadays. The mask can also change the voice of the wearer into the exterminator’s voice, with typical Dalek phrases.

Dalek Christmas Tree


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I have no idea how Lindsey Testolin managed to create this bizarre Christmas tree, or where she got the idea from, but she must have a strange train of thought. Dalek Christmas tree is basically a Christmas tree with a lot of flashing lights and bulbs, and even a laundry basket to make up the neck.

Dalek Pumpkin


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No Halloween is fun until you have something as scary as Dalek walking around in your house. Made from a pumpkin with a nice thick mottled skin, a radio-controlled robotic Dalek that can move around and turn its head.

Dalek Egg


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Playfulled Eggsterminate, this Dalek will definitely make your Easter the most scary yet the most exciting one ever. Kuriositas, the person behind this wonderful piece of art, also posted the detailed instruction on his/her blog so that Doctor Who fan can make one.

Dalek Birthday Cake 1


Whosever birthday it is, she or he must be the luckiest Doctor Who fan on Earth to have the extraterrestrial killer to attend the birthday in person. The killer then decided to exterminate himself to give the birthday goers a treat in the form of an amazing Dalek cake which weighs almost 20kg and stands 22 inches tall.

Dalek Birthday Cake 2


Via: Tim_d

Here comes another Dalek birthday cake for lucky 10 year old Isaac. The ultimate destroyer looks absolutely stunning and realistic with bronze skin color and a number of accessories on his head.

Steampunk Dalek


Alex Holden, under the alias Joseph Bazalgette, spray-painted the Dalek bottle with a can of gold Plastikote paint, added wheels, a chimney stack, several cylinders together with other extras from a used brass model of Stephenson’s Rocket and here we have the universe’s most dangerous creature in the form of steampunk art.

Hello Kitty Dalek


It’s hard to imagine how Japan’s cute pink Hello Kitty and Doctor Who’s massive destroyer Dalek could get along, until we see this Hello Kitty Dalek mashup created by Flickr user yodaflicker, aka Joseph Senior.

Life-Size Dalek


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Rob Bosher decided to turn his backyard into Dalek workshop to build this life-size Dalek. After 2 years and $1,400, the Dalek came into life from the base of an electric wheelchair, with a joystick type control to move the Dalek around.

How to Build a Life-Size Dalek



There is no need to be jealous of Rob Bosher for his wonderful creation, you can also build one for yourself with much less time and effort thanks to the detailed guideline: How to build a life-size Dalek from the Doctor Who Production Office of BBC.

Knitted Dalek


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There is not much to say about this awesome creation, other than Extermiknit! Whoever made this thing must possess a rare combination of amazing knitting talent and extreme Dalek fandom.

Dalek Costume


Here is a proof that geek girls are the best. Doctor Who is brought into real life with two absolutely hot costumes that resemble Dalek and Tardis.