Sonic the Hedgehog’s Treadmill-Based Arcade Game

Sonic stars in a new arcade game that uses an athletic method of input so true to the famed videogame speedster.

Sonic Athletics arcade image 1

Sega’s favorite blue hedgehog is no stranger to track-and-field events, e.g. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Being the fastest thing alive, Sonic is an obvious choice to flex his fast, athletic talents, although with his latest arcade effort it’s now up to the player to show off theirs.

In Sonic Athletics, a extremely elaborate arcade game at Sega’s mini-amusement park Joypolis in Japan, players run on actual treadmills to move Sonic and pals to virtually compete in a triad of track events like the 100 meter dash, long jump, and 110 meter hurdles.

The end game is to either earn the fastest track time or gain the top spot against seven other competitors, each with their own treadmill side-by-side to your own. Yes, never has the expression “gotta go fast” ever been as apt before in a Sonic the Hedgehog game, as it is here.

Sonic Athletics arcade image 2

As previously mentioned, this attraction is Japan only and I’m darn sure you won’t be seeing this toy at a local Dave & Busters. But if you do find yourself trekking to Japan any time soon, why not check this amusing arcade attraction while you’re there.

Just make sure to bring along your sporty red track shoes and ¥500 ($5.11 USD), which is what it costs to play Sonic Athletics. A higher priced arcade game than you average round of Pac-Man, but well worth it as a timely memento.

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