Sony’s New 3 IPs Unveiled At Gamescom 2012

Until Dawn, Puppeteer, and Rain made their introduction at this year’s Gamescom during Sony’s presser. Come on in and get the skinny on these new PlayStation 3 exclusive games.

Rain Japan Studios Sony Image 1

Cologne, Germany. Site for the biggest gaming event in all of Europe, Gamescom, and where Sony hosted their own media-conference on Tuesday, a mini-presser that was anything but mini. In fact, given the choice between having to sit through their recent snore-bore E3 showing or this one, I’d take what we got today by a mile.

What did we get, you kindly ask? The one thing that makes me melt like a stick of butter in hot desert, new games (IPs as you would have it) that have a totally unique flare of their own. And better yet, Sony delivered on this not once, but three, count’em, three times during their Gamescom event.

The first of which was Until Dawn, a PlayStation Move-enable game that was pretty much described as all the best moments from your favorite teen horror flicks molded into one title. Players will control seven individual teens locked up in a cabin in the woods and help them survival a night full of unspeakable terrors.

If it’s anything like The Cabin in the Woods (produced by Joss Whedon oh my the way), which I heard was rather awesome in theaters with all its suspenseful twists and turns, then maybe this could be a real winner, winner, chicken dinner. Go ahead and check out the announcement trailer:

Next up, it’s two games from Sony’s internal Japan Studios. Apparently, when they’re not trying to keep afloat The Last Guardian, the Tokyo-based developer still makes games (who knew!). Wonderfully imaginative games that make me happier than a puppy chasing his favorite tennis ball. Funny enough, I too enjoy chasing tennis balls…

Allow me to present Puppeteer, first. Like its suggestive name the PlayStation 3 title – a 2D sidescroller – dives deep into a marionette-style art theme that is surely easy on the eyes. The hero of the game is a boy-turned-puppet, Kutaro, that must travel through this strangely, humorous puppet world, face the terrible Moon Bear King, and get back his real body.

Hmm, that plot sounds awfully familiar to a classic children’s story… Cinderella, was it? No, that’s not it. The Three Little Pigs! No, no, no… I’ll get this, don’t worry. And while I’ll try to, watch the debut trailer for Puppeteer.

Okay, last up. Rain. Another title which based off its name gets right-down to the nitty-gritty of what’s it all about. I love this game and its heart-felt presentation, so much; basically the story is about a boy (I’m sensing a theme) who’s become invisible and can only be seen when rain is pouring on him. Whoa, indeed.

Thus the apt title for this upcoming 3D adventure releasing on the PlayStation Network. Overall, it’s just simply beautiful and pretty much representative of the kind of ideas Japanese developers can surprise audiences of the world with when they’re on top of their A-game. With that said, on to the trailer.

Fantastico! Amazing! Outstanding! And I mean that for all three games I’ve wrangled up here. Sadly, we don’t have any release dates for any of them, but at least they’re something to look forward to if you’re a proud PlayStation 3 owner. Of course, you don’t need a console to see Walyou’s line-up of geeky interests. How about makeup tips to cosplay as your favorite super-heroine or a detachable game controller for the iPhone?