Sony’s Gamescom 2013 Guided Tour of the PlayStation 4’s UI

Let Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida take you through some of the finer aspects of the PlayStation 4’s UI.

PlayStation 4 UI Gamescom 2013 demo image

Typical of Sony’s attempts to host big events, new games were announced, on-stage demos went on for far too long, and unintentional moments of “comedy gold” occurred. Gamescom 2013 was no different – thank you crazy, zoom-happy cameraman wherever you are.

Surprisingly, one part of Tuesday’s show that went flawless, even in the face of all the potential connection hazards that could have dragged it into being the laughing stock of whole Internet, took place at the beginning. The demo of the PlayStation 4’s user interface.

Only a few snippets from a single promotional video and a few images provided by Sony PR have been shown since E3 2013, leaving little for impressions on just how the PS4’s UI will work in motion, especially with all the game broadcasting bells-and-whistles it has.

PlayStation 4 user interface image 1

Being that Sony’s recent, new found messaging for the PlayStation 4 has become quite gamer friendly these days, the perfect person for the job to showcase it in a near-three minute demo was none other than SCE prez Shuhei Yoshida.

Watch as Yoshida (a.k.a. @yosp) rests comfortably in a large chair on stage, with the same blue-collar gamer attitude he’s charmingly known for on Twitter, and goes through a number of the PS4’s key UI features: flipping through his game collection, checking out a livestream, and then quickly jumping in on a multiplayer match of Killzone Shadow Fall.

All in a matter of seconds, too. Just some of the follow to it looks like a much improved Xross Media Bar (the previous UI for the PlayStation 3). And if it’s that easy to just go from watching a livestream of your buds playing a game, to then join them, well, that’s really impressive.

Keep it here on for more gaming news from Gamescom 2013. We’ve already detailed the just announced November 15 launch date for the PlayStation 4 in North America, but don’t forget to check out what its competitor, the Xbox One, will have in terms of launch-day offerings.