The Amazing Spider-Man Game Trailer

Watch Spidey take on a whole lot of robots in this full reveal trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man game coming in Summer 2012.

Amazing Spider-Man Game Screen

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can. Coming soon, in Summer 2012, hitting big-screens with an unnecessary reboot. Watch-out… here comes a trailer for the game… serving as an epilogue to the film… with lots of robots & explosions… I’m gonna stop singing now!!!

My lame silliness aside — how about some minor details about the game in question? And yes, I was singing in the tune of the original Spider-Man theme song, thank you very much.

The Amazing Spider-Man game will be arriving along side it’s theatrical Summer 2012 version, but rather than cut-and-pasting the plot of the movie as often is the case with most videogame tie-ins (stinky ones I may add), the Activision title will create it’s own storyline for the famous web-crawler. I’m presuming it will deal with smashing robots — just a wild guess.

Beenox Studios, the veteran outfit that has made the past two Spidey games, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions & Spider-Man: Edge of Time, is behind The Amazing Spider-Man and will take some past mechanics, like the Web Rush mechanic that gave players ultimate control over their web-spinning talents, along with, speculatively, open-world web-slinging of games past.

I secretly hope that means Spider-Man 2. Oh please be like Spider-Man 2. Oh please, oh please, be like Spider-Man 2. Heck, at least be as awesome as these pop culture statues made out of scrap metal (there’s a Spidey one too!) or this real-life Transformer built by a Chinese student.