Rusty Steampunk iPhone 3D Stereoscope Viewer

Steampunk is all about juxtaposing the Victorian with the postmodern. With that in mind, it should not be a huge surprise if we come across an iPhone 3D Stereoscope that lets you travel back to the Victorian era.

All that you would need to do is start the slideshow and then drop your iPhone into the viewer and hold the Victorian era handle firmly. All the images, scenes and people from the 19th century would appear in a typical Steampunk fashion. The app comes with a DVD which has more than 150 19th century Stereograms that bring to life 19th century New York, the civil War, locomotives from another era and even a few nude women. The Stereoscope itself is made of wood and has a gorgeous brass trim which lets the viewers to experience glimpses of 19th century life.

The Stereoscopic device enhances the illusion of depth in these Victorian images by juxtaposing two offset images separately to the right and the left eyes of the viewer. This results in a unique vision that is definitely as crystal clear as something that an iPhone can provide, while also bring rusty and metallic imagery straight from the days of industrial age. Particularly bizarre is the way the junk-like device consumes a brand new iPhone 4S to reveal images that are certainly out of this era.

The Stereoscope Viewer could be used to encourage an interest in 19th century history and I wouldn’t be surprised if teachers find it an incredible tool to arouse interest in history among bored high school students. If you are an ardent fan of all things Steampunk, you could also take a look at these weird Steampunk Robot Sculptures which are totally out of this world. Darth Vader Coffee Maker is a concept that has hints of Steampunk awesomeness.