Dead Tauntaun Star Wars Wedding Cake Looks Toxic

star wars tuntaun cake

If you are a fan of Star Wars you would most certainly remember how Luke once used a Tauntaun to keep himself warm during an ice storm, which is recreated in this wedding cake. Star Wars Tauntauns are creatures native to the planet Hoth and their thick fur and skin keeps them warm from the cold of the icy planet, though they need shelter as well, from the cold during night.

cool star wars cake tauntaun

The Dead Tauntaun Star Wars Wedding Cake is an obnoxious looking delicacy that shows the intestines and other insides of the Tauntaun and an expressionless Luke lying halfway inside the Tauntaun’s ravaged stomach.

The dead Tauntaun not only looks pitiable but also quite decomposed in nature. The cake was baked for the wedding of Star Wars fans and though the children at the party loved it, the elders apparently did not like it much, predictably. The groom however seems to be enjoying his bit of the Tauntaun intestine a little more than necessary.

star wars cake tauntaun

If you asked me, this is not only one of the most detailed and impeccable cakes I have ever come across but also one of the most unpalatable and disgusting cakes that I have ever seen. You could also check out this cool Star Wars Yoda Cake that could be used for birthdays. The Star Wars At At Cake is amazingly detailed and quite attractive too, unlike the Dead Tauntaun Cake we just read about.

star wars tauntaun cake design

Courtney Clark and Cake Nouveau Via: Geeky Gadgets