Starcraft 2 Papercraft is Surprisingly Realistic

Blizzard fans have created a huge array of fan content.  You have people making comics, drawing pictures, and making up stories.  What you don’t see too often however is fan made sculptures made from paper.  A huge StarCraft 2 fan, obviously, who goes by the name of Constable has constructed some of the more common units from the popular Blizzard game StarCraft 2.

Another fact is that Constable is from South Korea where the game is a huge hit and has pumped out some of the best players in the world—and apparently some of the most artistic as well.  Constable has constructed these paper models so detailed that you would hardly believe they were anything but computer generated.

The first image is of the Terran banshee.  When you look closely you can see that nothing has been overlooked.  Everything from the round propellers and fins to the two missile launchers is there.  Pay close attention too to the detail in the texture and colors.  Next up is the immortal, one of my favorite characters.  Looking at the immortal you can see that he spent a great deal of time on each joint of the legs and the quad-cannons that mount on the arms as well as many other areas on the model.

What might be the most impressive of the lot is the battle cruiser.  Anyone that plays the game take note at how many guns, bays, and other little shapes and curves are on this thing.  Constable does a fine job at capturing the layout and intricacy of each little jag and curve.

One can only imagine the amount of time, effort, and detail that would be required for each of these fabulously crafted models and the fact that they are papercraft makes it even more impressive.

Although these are just a handful of his masterpieces, it truly bring a whole new meaning to a die hard fan.

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Via: Geek O System / Pop Paper