9 Amazing Steampunk Art Pieces For Retro Fans

We’ve talked plenty about Steampunk before, modern stuff and gadgets with a Victorian era type of treatment. Now it’s time to see some art pieces featuring it.

“Passage” by Ignis Ferroque


Via: Steampunk Tribune

“Thelema” By Ignis Ferroque


Ignis Ferroque is a German artist who embraced the Steampunk themes and style and applied it to some incredible pieces, drawings and paintings. You can learn more about his work, and check his gallery too at his very own Deviantart page.

Steampunk Vessel By James NG

James-Ng-Steampunk Vessel

Via: Conmania

This is one of the greatest pieces ever, a Steampunk inspired vessel mixed with a dragon, created by the artist James Ng. For those who have watched the Avatar TV series, this is what the fire nation generals should have traveled on.

Steampunk Hound & Steampunk Airship by Kevin Mowrer


Via: Daily Steampunk


These pieces were created by Kevin Mowrer, who we hadn’t heard of before seeing these pictures, yet he has amazed us with fantastic concept art for the story he’s writing, and which you should check out. Also, just so you know, despite our ignorance, he’s a well recognized artist who has worked with a lot of big studios and companies producing art of the finest quality.

Steampunk Star Wars


Source: Yours truly, Walyou


Ah, how we love the combination that Steampunk and Star Wars create. The two things are perfect on their own, but once you combine them, some incredible stuff surfaces, and Disney’s new acquisition is made to look incredibly cool. It almost makes us wish for a remake.

Steampunk Zeppelin Bike By Kris Kuksi


Source: Web Urbanists

You don’t have to choose between soaring the airs or cycling the roads anymore. Thanks to Kris Kuksi, now you can do both with the same vehicle. See, steampunk is not only stylish… it’s also really practical.



Via: Boingboing

The classic story Pinocchio gets a steampunk treatment, and cooler looks and spawned this incredible piece to behold thanks to Fabricio Moraes’s talent.