Steampunk Style Red Clown Mask

Ukrainian steampunk artists Bob Basset have come up with various innovative ideas and their list of steampunk leather masks is a pretty long one. No two masks are the same and the creativity in each one speaks for itself. Lately the team seems to have visited a circus to draw inspiration for their recent creation which is named Red Clown Steampunk Leather Mask.

The Red Clown does not have a red face but the red bumps all over the mask give it a rather striking look. The large red mouth runs from ear to ear and is filled with a mesh like material. The bump on the nose area has enough number of holes to allow easy breathing. This purpose is also fulfilled by the mesh over the mouth. The same mesh material can be noticed on the eyes where they are seen protruding out.

Over all, the mask is fully functional and can be easily worn by anyone. Fitting it on to any head is a pretty easy job. A red colored adjustable lace runs vertically along the back of the head. Loosening and tightening of the helmet is as easy as tying the laces of ones shoes. As per the circumference of the head the adjustment can be made and the mask can be adorned with ease.

Red Clown is yet another feather in Bob Basset’s hat. The team is led by Petrov and consists of a group of highly experienced artists. With over 20 years of experience this workshop has yielded unique and high quality products that have been admired by all the steampunk fans across the globe.

Steampunk as an art form gained prominence during the 1980s and 1990s. It relates to an era when steam power was used, particularly the Victorian era. The materials used in a steampunk art creation are such that can bring about an antiqued effect. Some of the most commonly used materials include brass, copper, wood, glass, rivets and leather. Gathering material for such projects is not an easy job. Artists scour through various sources and locations to get the desired material. As far as tools are concerned each artist has his/her own way of working and this is what determines the tool requirement. Regular products done in steampunk style give a whole new look to the product.

The Bob Basset team has also been working on regular products but with a different mindset. A simple thing as a mask is given a complete makeover. The Red Clown is supposed to be a clown mask but one can hardly recollect having seen such a clown. It is the creativity of the artists that flows and leaves an impact on all.

Creativity has no boundary and this is exactly the message that this mask intends to convey! Well, you can also go through designs of Steampunk Gas Mask, Steampunk Space Boar Mask and Red Satan Steampunk Mask.

Via: Bob Basset