Welded Euro Sculptures Highlight Human Fragility

Just when you thought the European economic crisis couldn’t get worse, figurative sculptor Gabriel Rufete has unveiled sculptures made from stacked and welded Euros.

In times of adversity, only art can help people to introspect and reflect on human follies. These follies are mostly because of people’s lack of awareness of their weaknesses and strengths. The artist has used Euro coins to create fractured, incomplete and delicate human representations that speak a lot about how fragile our lives can be.

Though we tend to believe that our lives are secure and free from shocks and trauma, it may not be too far to expect a crisis similar to the one the Greeks recently experienced.

Economic insecurity is experienced in almost every country and European countries have had their share of troubles. These incomplete sculptures perhaps seek to symbolize human fragility in the face of economic disasters of international scales.

It is not clear of these sculptures will ever be sold, but they certainly will be sold for a lot of money if they ever enter the art market. You might also want to take a look at other idiosyncratic sculptures such as the Geeky Igloo made from books, and the Pegasus Smartphone Statue, which utilized more than 3,500 cellphones.