DIY Art: Yoshi Paper Mache

Can we ever have enough of Super Mario? It has been decades since this amazing game was first launched and since then it has left every consecutive generation affected by it. There have hardly been any of us who could have escaped its magic. Be it in childhood or adulthood it has a charm of its own and it is this charm that inspires many of us to come up with amazing ideas surrounding the game.

Apart from merchandise based on the game and its characters there are many of us who love to bring a part of it into our lives. One such person is an artist who goes by the screen name of Sandgurl. Making use of the art of paper maché she has wonderfully given shape to the much desired mushroom that appears in the game.

In order to give shape to the mushroom whole list of things were used which included glue, paper, water and paint primarily. To aide her in her project she also used a large bowl, cardboard, a cylinder shaped object, razor blade knife, containers for mixing glue and masking tapes. With all the ingredients assembled she first prepared the mushroom top with layers of paper maché on an inverted bowl. Once dried the paper maché was detached from the bowl and covered with a round cardboard. This gave shape to the mushroom top. She carefully attached the cylinder shaped object to the mushroom with masking tape to form of the base. With the shape of the mushroom ready all that remained was the coloring and this was done with the help of acrylic colors. Sandgurl makes special mention of the eyes which do add character to the mushrooms.

Sandgurl, as she says about herself, has always been interested in creating little pieces of art. Since the past nine years she has been devoted to making jewelry but is now prepared to branch out into different areas. Interestingly she chose to bring to life different features of the Super Mario game. After having made the turtle shell she has now come up with the mushroom.

Every one of us who has played the Super Mario game is well aware of how important this mushroom is. It might be small but every time it appears on screen every player runs to grab it as it gives added power to the character. Sandgurl has prepared both the red and green mushrooms which appear at different junctures. They both have their own importance in the game. Following her instructions you can easily make your very own mushrooms.

I am sure by now you have fallen in love with this adorable Mario Mushroom! Take a look at Nintendo Art in Salt and Mario on Paper learn more about Super Mario.