Ford SUV Lego Mod for Legoland

The mere thought of it might sound very bizarre but when companies get down to adopting marketing strategies means they can come up with amazing ideas. Take for example the very popular automobile company Ford. In order to grace their 2012 production range they have taken help of a very basic toy that every one of us has played with at some point of time – the LEGO blocks. The manner in which these blocks have been used is sure to leave everyone awe stricken and searching for words of admiration.

We have seen magnificent LEGO creations in the past and each one proves to set new milestones in the stream of LEGO creations. This one for Ford is sure to beat all past records as it is a model of a life sized Ford Explorer SUV. The idea might sound to be pretty amusing but it is splendid none the less. It is true that the doors don’t open, the windows don’t slide down and this model will definitely not be taking you anywhere on the roads. However, it has its own set of credits to it that makes it one outstanding piece of creation.

This LEGO SUV is a culmination of 380,000 LEGO bricks which have been put together by 22 master builders working for around 2500 hours on the project. This is no small project in any respect. Though it involves small blocks of LEGO (which will appear attractive to children) it has been done on a magnanimous scale and the finished product weighs close to 2600 pounds. That makes it almost half as much heavier than the original car. On the financial front also it is dearer than the original with the cost of all LEGO blocks adding up to around $40,000. That is a whopping amount which would fetch you a real SUV with lots more left to spend. Take the amount of work involved, the number of hands or the financial front the production of this one car proves to be a lot more expensive than any other real SUV.

The Ford Explorer SUV in LEGO also marks the opening of Legoland’s new 150 acre theme park in Orlando. You will have to wait till 15 October when this theme park in Orlando is opened. Till then you can admire its photographs. However, if you are one those who would like to catch a glimpse of the real car you can go over to any of the Little League soccer games in your vicinity.

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