Ridiculously Expensive Superyacht Slides Look Great

If you have health and money, you are half way there already, they say. If you are still not satisfied with what you have, you could probably get one of these fancy toys that I wouldn’t mind purchasing myself, if only I had that kind of money.

superyacht slide 1

UK-based firm Superyacht Tenders & Toys has launched the first S-shaped giant superyacht inflatable slides that cost a whopping $35,000. It weighs 1,850 kg and takes 45 days to build. If you own a superyacht and were wondering how you could take a splash in style, this is probably the answer you were looking for. Moreover, there is nothing better than chilling in the ocean after a long day of relaxing on top of the deck.

superyacht slide 2

The slide measures 41 feet and can be a thrilling way to get inside azure waters of the French Riviera or wherever your superyacht takes you. It is also a great way to take a dip in Deep Ocean when you are tired of swimming in the pool located on your deck. Hugo Andreae of Motor Boat & Yachting revealed that many superyacht owners don’t think twice before trying to outdo someone else.

While it may seem ostentatious to most people, these superyacht owners help sustain a multi-million dollar industry that employs designers, architects, marketing managers, caterers and almost any profession you can think of. The next time you think an inflated slide corresponds to an inflated ego, think again. While it may certainly feed someone’s ego, it also feeds a number of people and their families.

superyacht slide 3

Just a few months ago, my colleague Alexandru had written about similar Water Slides for Superyachts, which I must admit look really cool. If you can’t afford a superyacht yourself, do not fret. The nearest water park should whet your and my desires of getting wet.