Surreal Art Depicting Human Emotion and State of Mind

How do you capture a thought? An emotion? Feeling? It’s pretty much impossible through pictures, still or videos. It’s a bit easier when you’re quite a brilliant artist, able to paint away whatever it is that you want to express, like the extremely talented Sebastian Eriksson, an 18 year old from Sweden.


From the arist: The world is tasteless… once you got the taste of it you’ll get tired of it because the majority of the people is trying to be someone that they’re not.

Voices in your Head

What really happens up there…


When you start seeing double, you know you’ve had a bit too much to drink.




Always blame the puppet masters, not the puppets, although a lot of these artists have never been military men, in the situation of combat or war.

Lost in Thought

Our minds are nothing but one big maze.


Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Paranoia, split personality and depression.

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