Ten Weird Weddings that You Cannot Miss


While weddings bring out the most joyous feelings in each one of us, some people like to go the extra mile in order to have a great wedding for themselves. The idea is to have a marriage that stands apart from the others and that which would be remembered as the most unique wedding ever. Here are a few unique and cool weddings that I came across, and thought would share with you readers.


If you are the kind of guy or gal who would love rodeos and horses, you might like the cowboy wedding that this wonderful couple had.

Source: Clipmarks


Not happy with using a Merc to leave the wedding party? Take this couple’s example and use half a dozen skid loaders as wedding cars.

Source: Star East Asia


If you always loved being on the road, why not approach Reverend Darrell Best in order to get a wedding in a hot-rod?

Source: NBC Chicago


You could also get yourself an outlandish gown like this woman here, and make hundreds of people carry it for you!

Source: Weird Things


If normal is something that disgusts you, get your own gothic wedding just like the couple here!

Source: Artsy Time


Who says weddings are made only for humans? Our four legged friends could have the same marital bliss that you would love to have too! Of course, this pic must be heavily photoshopped.

Via: Photoshop Pix


Here is an awesome poolside wedding scene, sans the bridegroom. Where could he have vanished? Was the makeup and hairdo too scary?

Source: Flickr


This is exactly what a Russian wedding “after-party” might look like, if the bride isn’t drunk and only the groom is.

Source: English Russia


You want your wedding to encourage people to start biking and stay healthy? Well, get married while you both ride bicycles!

Source: English Russia


Or just end it all with a hair raising reptile themed wedding. Only, don’t blame us if the guests stay a little too far away from you both!

Source: Bearded Dragon

This list has been specially written and dedicated to Eran Abramson and Shirley Abramson who got married today. The Walyou team wishes them both great luck, happy married life and an awesome future!