Purr-formers: Transformers Inspired Cat Plushies For Classics Lovers

The Transformers were pretty badass in almost (almost) all incarnations, but this is the first time we’d call them… cuddly? And oh, so adorably cute.

Purr-Formers Transformers Cat Plushies 1

If you were to go ahead on Etsy and visit HeartVintageAlways’ page, you’d find these cute plushies that were hand-sewn by the shop owner. She calls this one depicting Optimus Prime “Opti-Puss”. Isn’t that adorable?

She has many other models for sale, which can be seen on her profile page, and each sells for $9.95 USD. Here’s the kicker, though: profits from this listing go to her kitty, Wibbly’s Rainy day fund which has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Damn, now I want one more than ever.

Purr-Formers Transformers Cat Plushies 2

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