The Angry Birds Get to the Mainframe in Tron: Angry Birds

What if instead of an arcade game, the cult film Tron had been all about iPhone apps? Despite it’s humble origins and lukewarm reaction when it first came out, Tron has become a world renowned franchise of movies, videogames, comics, and other media formats, and the recent sequel from a couple years ago has become a staple of stylish, unique visuals and presentation just like its predecessor. Let’s take this to the present day, shall we?


The original Tron was all about arcades, which were all the rage at the time, and the sequel sort of played on how outdated those were. It’s just that now, most people go for their quick fix of on-the-go gaming to their portable systems and smartphones, and the most representative product of that is the iPhone. Now, if Tron was a new franchise, it would definitely need to acknowledge this, and that’s what the guys at Electric Spoofaloo did.

Is this too modern for you? This parody does a lot of things well, adapting key scenes from Tron: Legacy and changing the time Kevin Flynn’s phone has been inactive from almost 20 years to 8 months. The parody is pretty funny, although a guy getting thrown in place of a bird is definitely not as exciting as lightcycle combat on the grid. Also, it really is a shame that this parody doesn’t have an equivalent to Olivia Wilde in it. Matter of fact, everything should have Olivia Wilde in it. She rocks.

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