Operational Miniature Black Powder Steampunk Cannons

You’ve probably seen desktop missile launchers and cannons before, but I doubt you’ve seen a working black powder desktop cannon until now. Sort of a mix between miniature artillery and the old-school technology beloved by steampunk fans and many other groups, these little cannons are a fantastic, if dangerous, idea. Dubbed Pocket Artillery, they truly are cannons despite their size. The barrel is made of stainless steel, while the base is anodized aluminum, which comes in five colors. It also appears as if the mechanisms can be brass or stainless steel, adding even more customization. While they may be shiny and small, they fire .177 BB ammunition powered by explosive black powder rather than compressed air. There’s even a dial to tilt from 0-45 degrees so you can re-enact the classic video game Scorched Earth. As you’d imagine, the site comes with numerous disclaimers both regarding the safety of the devices as well as their legality; you’ll definitely want to make sure it’s even legal in your area to own one of these before you throw down your money on one. At only $29, though, they’re quite a steal for such a unique device, especially considering that toys which fire foam darts or plastic pellets can often run about the same price, if not more.

Pocket Artillery Black Powder Cannon

We’ve covered a variety of old-school weaponry in the past, particularly the slingshots and related devices by Joerg Sprave such as the Gatling crossbow slingshot and his more massive artillery-like slingshot. They feature videos showcasing their destructive capabilities, and this Pocket Artillery does the same with two separate videos. In each of them, you can see just how the cannon works, with a standard fuse burning down before igniting the black powder packed within. When fired, the tiny shot has the power to knock over a Coke can or shatter a wine glass: not the most impressive feats in the world, but for something this small and with such tiny ammunition, you have to respect it. After all, I’m sure you wouldn’t want one of these petite powerhouses pointed your way. These can be purchased from their site for $29 (Paypal or Bitcoin) and the first batch is expected to ship before Christmas, so if you know somebody with a love of firearms, especially one who enjoys steampunk or Civil War-era stuff, this could make a perfect gift.

[VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3GSS_7W2d8 ]