Awesome Nintendo Wii Legend of Zelda Paint Job

Add some color to your gaming set up: check out this awesome, and very unique, Legend of Zelda paint job for the Nintentdo Wii.

zelda wii paint

Have you ever noticed before how sterile the Nintendo Wii’s default paint scheme is? For some reason it’s always kind of reminded me of a hospital waiting room. Minimal, too clean and kind of boring. I guess some people dig that whole look, but I’ve never been known to say no to adding a little bit of color to my life.

zelda wii other side

This Nintendo Wii that we’ve got here is certainly a colorful one. According to our source, this custom paint job was envisioned and designed by an artist named Oskunk, who’s no stranger to giving some of his gadgets their very own personal paint jobs.

zelda wii mote

Honestly, this is one of the most awesome, and bizarre, things I’ve ever seen. It looks sort of like the Legend of Zelda meets the Yellow Submarine, or 1960s LSD inspired art. What’s with all those green bubbles? Is that grass? Leaves?

So, maybe the Wii isn’t exactly known for being a hardcore gaming system these days, but I’m guessing it could even cause the meanest gamer to crack a smile. Link is no Marcus Fenix but at least he’s open to having some personality.

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