WiiU Finally Receiving User Accounts Through Nintendo Network

Individual user accounts and more are on their merry way for Nintendo’s next console release through the Nintendo Network.

Nintendo Network Logo Image

Hey, Nintendo? You see this? It’s a big thumbs up for your recent announcement that is sure to be a huge relief to all those fearing the state of online implantation for the upcoming Nintendo WiiU, which has been firmly stated to land, tablet-controller in tow, this Holiday season in North America. During their third quarter financial briefing on Thursday morning, Nintendo President at large, Satoru Iwata, detailed the companies’ online plans for the WiiU — and yes, that finally includes personal user accounts.

Oh happy days, indeed! Instead of the lame one user account per one video game unit that’s been in place for the Nintendo 3DS, we now get multiple accounts for everyone. Hooray! I guess… Hmm. Yeah, it does feel slightly strange celebrating a feature that’s been long established as a gaming-industry standard when it comes to online infrastructure. But it’s progress none the less, and in this particular field for the “Big N” it’s a much needed one, for reals.

Nintendo Network Details Image

As for this whole “Nintendo Network” business, think of it as Nintendo’s own recipe for an Xbox Live/PlayStation Network-esque dish. In the words of Mr. Iwata at yesterday’s investment meeting, the network will offer for both the WiiU & 3DS “competitions and communication among users, as well as the sales of digital content.”

Big picture wise, it means that in the near future we should see downloadable content for games across both platforms, making the Nintendo Network the delivery system and one-stop-shop for gamers of such digital items. There also will be “Community” building options, more of less like ones found in Mario Kart 7 that will be incorporated in some fashion throughout the network, but until later, Nintendo isn’t saying exactly how.

Makes it all the important to keep a keen eye on this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, where Nintendo will hopefully give all the last sweet bits of info about their upcoming console. Til then dear readers, stay here on Walyou and learn about the 10 coolest animals in video game history and how Angry Birds is invading a Facebook wall near you.