IRL: A Take On World Of Warcraft and Addiction

When we think of games and addiction, gambling is what people think of first. Still, we know one can over-indulge in anything, even videogames, right? We’ve heard the horror stories of a mother not taking care of her child because she had to play Farmville or something equally ridiculous, but have you ever thought about how social gaming affected you, personally?


Anthony Rosner liked World of Warcraft (Often abbreviated as WoW) a lot, and played it extensively, almost as a full-time job, for over the course of six years. At one point, though, something clicked. He realized it had been way too long, and decided to start living in the real world once again. He went back to school and friends, and took a bit of time to create IRL, a documentary about WoW and videogame addiction. In it, he takes a look at the effects MMORPGs can have on people and show that there is hope at the end of the tunnel.

The documentary is very light-hearted, more like, Rosner telling his personal story, but talking specifically to gamers, using their own speech. Keep in mind, anyways, that IRL is the abbreviated form of “In Real Life” in MMORPG’s and chats, so the references come even from the title.

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Source: GeeksAreSexy