Pokemon Evolution Drinks Will Make You One Drunk Geek

There’s a distinct lack of drinks with names which appeal to the geeky types, so The Drunken Moogle has taken it upon himself to remedy this. Sure, there are drinks from geek-culture favorites such as Butterbeer (Harry Potter) and the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) but what about more original drinks? There are countless out there with sexually suggestive names, but where are the drinks with nods to Final Fantasy or Metroid or Mass Effect? Whichever few may exist likely go unnoticed, but The Drunken Moogle has developed what are not only some interesting drinks, but a truly geeky concept behind them all by basing them upon Pokemon evolutions.

Charmander Evolution Cocktails

As any Pokemon fan knows, the little creatures can evolve over time as they gain experience, morphing into what are usually larger and more intimidating versions of their previous form. These drinks follow the same theme, starting out as relatively simple shots and evolving into a larger drink which packs a stronger punch. The first trio of drinks follows the evolution of Charmander, one of the starting Pokemon in the original game. Charmander consists of an ounce of Cinnamon Whiskey, a half ounce of Bacardi 151, and a splash of grenadine for color. Naturally, the drink is also lit on fire. The cinnamon and strong alcohol give the drink a nice burn, but Charmelon takes it up another notch by replacing the Bacardi with a splash of scotch and filling the rest of the lowball glass with ginger ale. Charizard, true to form, is a fiery powerhouse consisting of 2 ounces of Cinnamon Whiskey, 2 splashes of scotch, and one and a half ounces of Bacardi 151, along with the previous grenadine and ginger ale. The mix of the cinnamon, scotch, and high proof alcohol are more than enough to burn on the way down (but make sure to blow out the flaming drink first, or you’ll burn things you don’t want to).

Bulbasaur Evolution Cocktails

Bulbasaur is a grass Pokemon, and his drink is a mix of lime vodka, lime juice, and melon liqueur for a much tamer and laid back drink than Charmander’s fiery onslaught. Ivysaur ups the alcohol content, adds Sprite, and features mint leaves as a ‘grassy’ garnish which really serves to make the drink fit the theme. Venusaur consists of the previous two drinks added to a highball glass, along with extra vodka, lime juice, and Sprite, proving that grass Pokemon can pack power too.

Squirtle Evolution Cocktails

Last in this serious, of course, is a set featuring Squirtle and his evolved forms. Based off water Pokemon, the drinks have a more tropical bent to them, with Squirtle being made of equal parts spiced rum, coconut rum, and blue curacao to make up a single shot. Wartortle, of course, includes a bit more alcohol and some Mountain Dew Voltage for extra blue color and to make the drink physically larger. Like the previous series, the final form, Blastoise, is made of the two previous drinks mixed with another shot of light rum and some more Voltage to fill the glass. These three sets of drinks based on the starting Pokemon not only have a classic gamer feel to them, they’re also interesting enough that people will remember them. Next time you host a gaming party, or any party with your geeky friends, consider introducing these shots and cocktails in place of your usual alcoholic fare. For some geeky, drink-mixing fun, you might also like these Vortex Cocktail Shakers, or you can carry around your booze in one of these Geeky Hip Flasks.