8 Best Classic Gifts Ideas for Dads

Getting a gift for our dads can be tricky sometimes. On the one hand, it seems that most dads appreciate a cool gadget or a great tool, but there’s always a weird sense of deja vu when shopping for your father.

It’s hard to come up with new ideas for each birthday or father’s day. Just when you thought your dad has it all we came up with these 8 hot ideas for dad gifts, which are pretty basic yet unique enough to make a special gift for your dad.

Multifunctional Hammer Axe Tool


This tool includes 13 different other tools for dad’s various home fixes. It’s very easy to carry around and comes with an ergonomic handle, making it very easy to hold and operate. It’s great for both indoor fixing and for carrying to any camping or outdoor activities.

Academy da Vinci Clock

fathers-day-gift-ideas-2017-academy-da-vinci-clock-copyThis beautiful clock comes with a great story – it is based on an escapement sketched by Leonardo da Vinci himself. It requires some assembling, something dad will also enjoy doing. Its great design means it doesn’t require batteries and it functions with the pendulum’s weight as the power source – how awesome is that?

Hidden Wall Safe


This hidden wall safe stash is great for hiding all your dad’s valuables. It’s great for installing at home or in the office. Once installed, it will resemble a regular electrical plug and no one will suspect what’s behind it.

Steel Blades For Hot Dogs


This one is for the BBQ-ing dads. The steel blades of this device slices the skin of a Hot Dog which expand as it cooks. This entire process will give the hotdog a special smoked flavor right from the inside. The juices from the hotdog caramelizes and gives a perfect crisp to its edge.

Laser Scissors Gadget


This awesome pair of scissors comes with a built-in laser pointer. No more crooked lines – with these scissors all your cuts will be absolutely straight. It comes with two adjustment screws that will allow you to aim the laser light perfectly wherever you want it.

Motion Activated Toilet Night light


This small gadget will turn your dad’s toilet seat into a magical lightened one. It is easily mounted and fits any toilet seat. It’s powered by a couple of AA batteries and will light when detecting motion. It even changes to one of 16 colors and has 5 levels of brightness.

Palm Shaped Ball Roller Body Massager


This great self-massager is ideal for stress relief after a long, hard day of work.  It’s equipped with 9 small metal balls that rotates firmly on any aching body part. It’s best-suited for most body parts such as your head, neck, back and feet. It makes the blood flow faster and helps reduce aches and pains.

Blue Precision Demagnetizer/ Magnetizer


This last tool is best suited for the handyman dad. It will magnetize or demagnetize any metal tool, including – screwdrivers, small and big screws, drill bits, nuts, bolts, nails, etc. It super easy to use and requires no batteries or electricity to operate. It’s lightweight which makes it very portable and easy to carry around. Can be used to convert any metal tool to a magnetic retriever of other small metal parts (such as bolts and screws).

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