19 Fun Conan O’Brien Creations

    Conan O’Brien, the host of the funniest late-night talk show on TV. Conan O’Brien, the one who is “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.” Conan O’Brien, the one whose name alone can make you laugh hysterically until you fall off the chair. There is no surprise that there are so many creations dedicated to the host of Conan show made by Coco fans from every corner of Internet. He also is the one who started one of the greatest Internet memes in human history: Chuck Norris facts. Here are 19 coolest of them for you to either have fun with or make fun of.

    Lego Conan O’Brien


    It is said that nothing is cool enough until somebody makes a Lego version out of it. Nathan Sawaya’s “Red-Headed Man” sculpture is an impressive life-size Lego version of our favorite late-night show host Conan O’Brien.

    Sno-nan O’Brien


    When TeamCoco.com asked fans to create Conan snowmen, they received hundreds of submissions from all over the world, but Buddy Thomas’ meticulously carved sculpture was the one that stood out. Conan’s signature red beard and hair was re-created using dark red spray paint. Sno-nan was then dressed in suit jacket and tie, seated behind a snow desk with a small snow mug.

    Conan Donimoes

    Via: Pop Herald

    Yes, Conan’s jokes have domino effect. To celebrate Conan’s return to his late-night talk show, TeamCoco.com site featured a video in YouTube that shows 2,500 dominoes flipping with Conan’s face.

    Conan Cubeecraft


    Via: Cubeecraft

    Here are 3 different versions of Conan O’Brien cubeecraft with his signature red beard for hardcore Conan fans and papercraft enthusiasts.

    Conan O’Brien Crochet Doll


    With red hair, ginger beard, blue eyes and business suit, this crochet doll is undoubtedly a deceptively cute version of the famous late-night show host. The doll is about 4 inches tall and is stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

    Plush Conan O’Brien Doll


    Named Mr. Beardsley, this plush doll is a gift to the famous bearded comedian Conan O’Brien from a loyal Coco fan Laura.

    Conan O’Brien Needle Felted Wool Doll


    Created by Kay Petal, the Conan O’Brien felted doll does not only capture the look of the show host with the skinny body, the suit, the pompous red hair but also his attitude with a naughty smile on the face.

    Conan O’Brien Puppet


    Via: IMDB

    “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” goes comical with the puppets concept design from Daniele Perna. Next to Conan puppet is the puppet version of Andy Richter – Conan’s famous sidekick and David Brenner, a late night show guest.

    Conan O’Brien Cookies


    Via: Team Coco

    Hannah Zellers, an awesome Team Coco fan posted on Facebook that she was making Conan and Bley cookies, and Conan was more than excited that finally he would be able to eat his own face. Unlike Conan’s appearance, Conan cookies look stunning and cute.

    Conan O’Brien Cupcake


    Via: Lime Tree Designs

    We love Conan O’Brien, we love cupcakes, we love St. Patrick’s Day and we will absolutely love this extremely cute Conan O’Brien cupcake. It was specially made with a green hat and a shamrock leaf to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

    Conan O’Brien in Chocolate and Bacon


    Via: Food2

    Conan O’Brien once said that he would attend the Minnesota State Fair if he could get his weight in chocolate covered bacon; and his fantasy immediately came true as folks at No Name Premium Meats actually created a replica of Conan O’Brien’s bust in white chocolate and bacon. Chocolate and bacon, I don’t think if I want to taste it.

    Conan Cake Pop


    Via: Kathyphantastic

    The on-air battle between Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien was once a heated discussion everywhere on Internet, and Coco fans decided to support their idol with “I’m with Coco” cake pop.

    Conan Pale Whale


    Via: Team Coco

    Yiying Lu, the artist who created the famous Fail Whale for Twitter, has created a special version entitled “The Pale Whale” as a tribute to the pale complexion of Conan O’Brien.

    Conan O’Brien Body Language


    Via: LuigiL

    LuigiL, a crazy Coco fan from Japan, studied Conan O’Brien’s every move and created a chart of 24 of Conan’s most famous expressions.

    Conan Intimidating Pose


    Via: PixelTribe

    Conan looks pretty convincing in a typical intimidating pose. Do you dare to watch the late night show alone?

    Conan Cockatoo Bird


    Via: Jonboyrocks41385

    This is what we call evolution: A cockatoo bird transformed into a late-night host.

    The Conan Quest


    Via: Barbapappa

    Conan O’Brien once mentioned horny manatees as a joke on the show, and a fan immediately made a joke out of it. The photo tells the story of 6 gunmen, with Conan O’Brien in the center, fighting against horny manatees.

    Conan the Superhero


    On one of his show, Conan made fun of DC comic characters in front of the Creative Director of Warner Bros Animation. Thus, Warner Bros decided to create a Conan superhero – on the basis that he must be better than other DC superheroes. Called Flaming C, Conan superhero comes equipped with a “belt to hold his Blackberry, an oven mit that always produces steam, a jai alai glove, fishnet stockings, socks with garters and golf shoes.

    Conan O’Brien’s Art of Funny Poster


    Via: Truman State University

    This poster brought Shawn Griffen Gold ADDY award. Conan does look like Barney Stinson from “How I met your mother” in this poster.