Coolest NES System Mods

Why would you settle for just a useful device when you can have one that not only works well, but also stands out? This is something that I’m sure NES stalwarts would agree to. A number NES fanatics have long been on this trend: either on their own or having it made through a professional. And we are not just talking about system modifications here, but more of fancy casing designs that would speak of your character or your geekiness.


To make it easier for you there’s a number of crafty makers that have been creating NES mods online and putting them up for sale. So, whether you are new to NES modifications, or you want to have something new to replace a new one, here are some that may suit your style:

Zelda Triforce Custom Nintendo NES


Meanwhile, Legend of Zelda geeks can have an NES that looks a lot like a Legend of Zelda’s chest. Oh and look at that Triforce design that gives off a nice blue light. I don’t know about you, but this Legend of Zelda-inspired NES looks fascinating to me!

Not to worry about that window though as the maker has used a crystal polystyrene that does not only allows for a sparkling appearance, but also keeps the dust off your NES. It also comes with a gold-colored console. Nice match!

Super Mario 1up Mushroom Custom Nintendo NES


Do you love Super Mario? Then here’s a Super Mario-game inspired custom Nintendo NES for you: the casing is designed to look like the walls of the castle, and the top portion is designed with the 1up mushroom.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Custom Nintendo NES With Controller


Here’s another design that will make you relive your childhood: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-designed Nintendo NES! Look at that attractive green shade matched with prints of a turtle shell! Thanks to the maker’s idea of topping that design off with a protective glossy shine, this NES has become more eye-catching. The consoles and LED lights even match to that TNMT vibe.

Custom LEGO NES Case


Something NES players-slash LEGO fans will sure love: a LEGO-inspired NES case that is made of – wait for it – authentic lego bricks. You will be able to receive the authentic bricks together with the instructions on how you can build this cool NES case.

Custom Nintendo 64 Biohazard


Here’s another fancy NES custom design for biohazard geeks. It’s made up of more high-intensity lights, giving a glowing effect to the device.

Custom Nintendo 64 Rock Cyberpunk


Or maybe you prefer something punk. Here’s a custom rock-inspired Nintendo for you. Black with a metallic finish, blue LED lights. Look at those studs that complete that rock-punk character!

Vintage crossover Nintendo NES and Zapper


Interested in having a NES with a simple-but-cool look? How about this retro looking design. It even includes a Zapper with the same hip design. Via instructables.

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