Deathwing Cake: Revenge Has Never Been So Sweet

If you are unaware of Deathwing the Destroyer, then you have apparently not spent hours getting demolished by him in the Dragon Soul raid. If you are, then here’s the chance to get revenge. Tasty, tasty revenge.

With World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion came the return of Deathwing, who in his fiery fit of rage caused The Shattering, an event that reshaped Azeroth. It also meant that he returned as an adversary; not only do players get the pleasure of encountering this fiery beast twice, but they also get to try their hand at fighting his magma blood creatures while riding on his back. As if facing down this beast in several waves was not enough, players have to do their best to hang on (while fighting) as Deathwing tries to knock you off of him. So it’s understandable that when the Molten Core Swim Club finally conquered Deathwing, Renee White chose to serve his head on a platter.

Renee, a self-proclaimed “domestic scientist,” is a lover of all things nerdy and delicious. She’s made Doctor Who birthday cakes, Pacman groom’s cake, Zelda themed drinks and Guitar Hero scarves.  While her Deathwing might be a few horns short of perfection, the detail involved in this cake, from the airbrushing to the creepy eyes and lava-colored cake batter.

I absolutely love the idea of serving my enemy’s head on a platter, especially when it is made out of delicious cake. The only thing that could improve this cake would be if it was surrounded by ice. As anyone who has ever earned the “Stood in Fire” achievement knows, Deathwing really needs to simmer down and cool off. Until then, if you happen to be hanging out in Azeroth and the sky darkens and becomes blood red, congratulations! You’re about to earn the achievement.  And if you happen to be on the Thunderhorn server, Molten Core Swim Club is recruiting new members. And you can be sure that anyone who is willing to make a cake replica of a boss as a reward for finally beating a raid is definitely someone you want on your team.