Floppy Drive Quartet Sings Still Alive

There are things in life that get obsolete within no time. There was a time when we used to use audio cassettes as if there could never be anything better than them.

They were replaced by CDs and then by DVDs and Blu-rays and we no longer use any physical storage or playback devices and instead stream online. Same way, floppy drives and floppy disks were the universal method to store files and no matter how many times these floppies got corrupted, we still would faithfully use them. However, over the years, they got obsolete and no one even remembers them anymore.

In order to pay homage to the floppy drive, someone managed to get a few floppy drives and got them to play music. Of course, there is no storage or playback involved, but through sheer mechanical movement, the floppy drives play a certain tune. If you closely observe, the tune is ‘Still Alive’, which is rather ironic as it explores a reference to Portal as well. What really is funny is that there may come a day when future generations won’t even know what floppy drives are, and they may not get the joke even.

Technology changes at an amazing speed and such works of art only explore themes of transience in the world of science and technology. As long as engineers, scientists and designers continue to innovate, existing products and technologies will become obsolete and will no longer remain in existence. Such products which were once universal in nature become part of vintage and nostalgic art.

Perhaps art keeps many of our achievements, accomplishments and unique human endeavours alive for future generations to reflect and remember. Floppy drives singing ‘Still Alive’ is one such ironic take that is only possible through art and expression. With transience in mind, you could take a look at the Accurate Clock, which reminds you that you going to day sooner or later.