Van Gogh Masterpieces Recreated with Spices and Snacks

Ever wonder what it would be like if Van Gogh made Starry Night out of spice and snacks instead of painting? Now you’ll know.

van gogh starry night crackers

I’ve seen imitation art of all Van Gogh’s masterpieces before, but never anything like this. Artist Kelly McCollam decided to pay homage to the great painter by recreating several of his most famous pieces using only spices, salt food colouring and other snacks. It’s a long stretch from painting, but my goodness does it look neat.

van gogh made from spice

Each one of the pieces looks like it might have been one heck of a painstaking process to recreate. Making salt art probably isn’t the easiest hobby out there. Nevertheless, McCollam managed to recreate the pieces quite faithfully. There’s sort of a jittery claymation look about everything, like it’s ready to suddenly move or be swept away.

Fortunately, they don’t look too appetizing, because it would be a shame to devour one of these pieces in a hunger induced frenzy. Though, some of them look like they might have what it takes to make a decent pot of tea…

painting made from spice

According to oursource, apart from Starry Night, McCollam also recreated other favourites including Vase with Fifteen Flowers and Mulberry Tree. At one point I probably could have been able to identify them all, but art school is ancient history at this point.

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