The Best New Geeky Art of the Week #6

A lot of Pokemon, be it looking rather scary, or just posing as Han and Chewie; Darth Vader finding someone new to fight, a Doctor of sorts; While we have an influx of takes on Mario and Luigi, be it as X-Men characters or stuck in an old Japanese painting.

Scary Looking Pinsir

X-Men / Super Mario Bros. Mashup

Art by Casey Edwards.

Mario Kart in Feudal Japan

Thor’s Day Off

Art by Matt.

Peach & Yoshi  = Love Story

Credit goes to Freddy, the Graphic Geek.

Another Stark Trek – Pokemon MashUp

Zombie Pikachu

Post Apocalyptic Disney Land

AKA Disney Land in hell. Art by Alex Ruiz.

Skyrim – The Death of Mirmulnir

Art by Deric North.

Doctor Who vs Darth Vader

Art by Drombyb.

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