Replica of Iron Man Suit Made of Cardboard

One Iron Man fan in West Yorkshire went all out for the new Avenger’s movie by spending 14 months creating a very lifelike Iron Man costume from cardboard.

When popular, new movies come out, everyone looks to dress up like their favorite characters from the movie. One comic book loving man in West Yorkshire went a bit far and spent over a year building a life-size replica of his favorite comic book character – Iron Man.

Mark Pearson, a 44 year old car repair man spent 14 months constructing his Tony Stark suit from 400 sheets of fiberglass covered cardboard. It started with just a helmet but, in what Pearson called a “moment of madness,” he created the entire suit. Aside from the cardboard, Pearson used other household items to create the suit. For instance, the nuclear reactor right in the center of the chest of the suit was at one point an ashtray. Other interesting items include flashing lights placed in the chest, hands, and eyes.

The only downside to the suit is that the suit does not fit Pearson. He then had to get his friend Darren Higgins to put on the suit instead for an unveiling at a local cinema located in Bradford. Higgins, 24, a supermarket manager said hello to all the people entering into the film, which stars Robert Downey Jr. in the iconic role of Iron Man. Pearson stated that Higgins was the only person he knew who could fit into the suit.

If you look close enough, the details are astounding and it looks just like the real thing…but it probably costs a whole lot less!

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