Marriage Proposal With a Legend of Zelda Hack

Who says romance is dead? It’s done nothing but mutate to fit everyone’s particular geeky tastes, and now some Legend of Zelda fans have their own story to share.

Marriage Proposal Zelda Hack 1

Recently, IGN blogger Amani2 shared one of the most heart-warming (as in, it warmed our 3 8-bit hearts) stories involving the 1986 classic, The Legend of Zelda. After 6 years of dating, her fiancé proposed to her on 11/11/11, as we were rushing to stores to buy Skyrim, in one of the most unique and geeky ways possible: with a videogame hack.  Amani2 says she saw the proposal coming, but never expected it to be done this way. Let’s move onto the details, shall we?

On 11/11/11, Amani2 and her boyfriend went out on a traditional date, which is a sort of rare occurrence for those couples that have been dating for so long. They went to a French restaurant, and had a fancy meal, like one would expect. After this, they went to the boyfriend’s apartment, where his roomies were nowhere to be found (how convenient!). Also, as she recounts, the place was awkwardly clean (imagine that! 3 guys living on the same apartment and the place was actually clean! Props to this guy for going the extra mile).

Once there, the boyfriend suggests playing the original Legend of Zelda, which they had recently beat and were ready to start the second quest. As Amani2 grabbed the controller and entered the first cave to claim her sword, she found the classic “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this!” dialog had been replaced with “It’s dangerous to go alone. Amber, will you marry me?”. Just as she turned around, her boyfriend was kneeling holding a LEGO heart container with a ring inside.

Marriage Proposal Zelda Hack 2

After such a geeky display of love, Amani2 had no choice but to say “yes”. We’re glad she did, congratulations to the happy couple! Although we’re not sure if we want to remember our significant others as a creepy old guy that lives in a cave and gives swords away to each adventurer that drops by, this is one of the coolest ways of proposing we’ve seen.

A funny aspect of the hack is that if she had tried to go elsewhere instead of the cave (now why would anyone do that?), the screen just looped, and once she got in the cave, there was no way out. As Amani2 put it, good ol’ boyfriend wouldn’t take a “no” for an answer!

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