Geek Food Recipe: Have Your Dose of Minecraft Cake and Eat It, Too

You can make a cake in Minecraft, but you can’t eat it. However, you can make a Minecraft cake in the real world and then feast on it afterwards.

minecraft fondant cake

Ever thought about enjoying a sugary and heartfelt tribute to one of your favorite video games? The people over at Geeks are Sexy stumbled across a fine recipe for a very blocky, Minecraft inspired cake recipe.

Check out the video below to see step by step instructions of how to put together your very own “four-layer red velvet Minecraft cake”.

Our source suggests that instead of using Fondant, since it’s doesn’t actually taste all that great, that you should try to use Marzipan instead (provided you can get you hands on any). As well, pass on the Betty Crocker and go for real cream cheese frosting made from scratch; you’re already in the kitchen, after all.

Materials you’ll need on hand include flour, sugar, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, sugar and lots of food coloring. Also, this recipe uses eggs and butter, so it’s not exactly vegan friendly.

Unfortunately, if you find that you’re a better artisan in Minecraft than in the kitchen, you might have a bit of trouble faithfully following this recipe. At first, these look pretty standard and easy. Baking a cake is literally child’s play, but about halfway through things get pretty intense. Slicing the cake once it’s baked in order to make the layers is not easy on your own, unless you have a steady hand. Also, rolling out the fondant to cover the cake certainly isn’t the first thing that kitchen neophytes want to handle.

Worse case, get together with a few friends and see if you can combine your powers into a successful Minecraft themed baking evening.

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