Technology Is Awesome: PC Microwave Casemod

Computers tend to over-heat every once in a while (that’s why they have so many fans all over), but we hadn’t seen anyone taking advantage of this before.


Fans of PC gaming, particularly, or even laptop users in unfriendly temperatures know how hot a computer can get. In order to make the whole process a bit more bearable (that is, if the users are not in a diet, or don’t mind the smell of cooking), someone thought of a neat solution: that is, to use the heat to keep your food warm. Desktop computers are now also microwaves! (or have been for a couple years, as this project is pretty old yet still extremely cool).

The mod features an LCD screen mounted on top of a microwave, with a food screen-saver, in order to make things more realistic (why? Now we’re hungry…). The specs of the machine are pretty old school, as this mod dates from the distant age of 2003, but we’re pretty sure a modern modder could update and resurrect this fantastic idea.


This extremely useful mod would be great to save space, and to actually take care of preparing some delicious ramen without having to stop playing the few online matches where we get to the top of the leaderboard. It doesn’t happen that often, but you never know.

We first heard about this courtesy of our friends at TechnaBob, so thanks for that. Users who want to see more mods should head over to Resident Awesome PC Mod, based on Capcom’s franchise Resident Evil, and The NES Water Cooled PC Mod to keep things old school.