Pokémon Dinosaurs on the Loose

How can mean Pokemon characters be turned into even more dangerous creatures? Well, one option is to add characteristics of some of the most ferocious predators to have ever walked the Earth.

Pokemon characters are not exactly tame beings, so adding dinosaur features to them could make them look really horrifying. Digital artist R.J. Palmer, known on Deviant Art as arvalis, created 4 Pokemon-dinosaur mashups that would keep children awake the whole night, if they saw these.

Nidoking, the Poison/Ground dual-type Pokemon, got the triceratops treatment. However, the spikes that it features all over its body, along with the over-dimensioned horns and claws, make it look like it was spawn of hell. According to the artist, Nidoking has always been a pretty cool looking Pokemon, but R.J. Palmer did not get the chance to use it in a game until last year, in FireRed. In the above picture, Nidoking seems a wee bit upset, mostly because he plays a babysitter role, taking care of the kids. Since this Pokemon is color-blind, it did not notice the Pikachu sitting on its tail, pretending he is part of the family.

Druddigon is the Pokemon character the artist always had a soft spot for. As Palmer says, this specimen is a mix of Dracorex, Therizinosaurus and Miragaia. This entire combination makes Druddigon look really evil. The wings are dermal plates that cannot be used for flying. Moreover, its red head is explained by the fact that Druddigon is a carrion feeder that has just killed Bambi… erm… I mean a Deerling.

Tyranitar has been combined with Ankylosaurus DNA, so to speak. A small Larvitar is also feature in the image, probably to keep the big guy company.

As far as Scyther goes, I really wish I could tell the dinosaur species it has been spliced with. It includes elements from the spinosaurus and several biped dinosaurs, as well as praying mantis features. The Scyther the artist has always wanted is a mix of dinosaur/dragon and bug. Given his expectations, I would say that he managed to turn his imagination into reality pretty well.

The admiration of R.J. Palmer for dinosaurs is incontestable. Besides these mashups, he also created a mind-boggling image of a samurai fighting off a T-Rex. Saying that he is a talented digital artist would really be an understatement. What I wish now is to see a toy company pick up his designs and turn these Pokemon-dinosaur mashups into palpable figurines that every Pokemon fan would be proud to own.

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